12 Bottle Hex Kit


6 Shipper Inserts + 1 Outer Carton

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The Gorilla Shipper TM Hexabox 2 bottle wine shipper is the newest Kraft wine shipper in the market. It is extremely tough, having passed the most stringent testing procedures conducted by the International Safe Transit Association Certified Laboratory (ISTA).

The ISTA 3A certification test is required by both United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEX. The Gorilla Shipper TM Hexabox wine shipper passed the test requirements which included:

  1. Temperature and Environmental element exposure test
  2. Random Vibration and bounce test (Over 14,000 bounces & shakes in 62 minutes!)
  3. Standard “drop testing” on all critical components, sides and corners of the boxIPS – INSERT PROTECTION SYSTEM!

The Gorilla Shipper has taken all precautionary steps in providing the wine industry one of the most reliable and safest methods available to safely guard and ship your wines! AND it is biodegradable! 100% safe for the environment. This Kraft wine shipper takes 60% less storage space than does Styrofoam or molded pulp trays. It stores Flat! It is fast, compact, easy & strong!

Each shipper insert contains triangular cavities for the wine bottle insertion which result in added and enhanced impact protection for each bottle. The bottle only touches 3 sides of the container which results in small air pockets at the 3 triangle joints. The impact protection comes from both the layers of kraft cardboard and the air pockets which give the bottle the opportunity to avoid any “glass to glass” impact or breakage. To further secure the wine bottles each insert has optional push in tabs for neck stabilization and bottle size adjustments.

Each Hexabox insert is made of the finest 40 ECT (edge crush test) corrugated board and inserted into a single or double wall corrugated outer-container for shipping for maximum protection (ECT 40/42BC or ECT 40/48BC).

The Gorilla Shipper TM Hexabox uses a universal insert which fits all size shippers. Use it for the 2 bottle, 4 bottle, 6 bottle and 12 bottle case shippers interchangeably.

You’ll feel safe using and recommending the Hexabox 2 bottle wine pack for all your wine customer needs!

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Additional information

Weight 2.77 kg

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Hexabox 2 Bottle Wine Shipper Insert: *

■  Each 2 Pack combination contains outer carton
■  Save Time and Money with the Hexabox 2 Pack –  Light weight!
■  Enough space for bottles up to 3 ½” wide  x 13 ¼” tall

*Kraft Brown Corrugated Cardboard 44 ECT Crush Test
Flat:  40” x 19 1/2”
Folded:  6” x 6” x 16 3/4”
Outer Carton: 6 1/2 “ x 6 1/2” x 16 7/8″
BUNDLE:  25 Hexabox units/ Bundle – Weight:  16.02 lbs
PALLET: 550/ Pallet  – Weight:  352 lbs


All RSC Outer Cartons are either ECT 40 or ECT 42BC Kraft Corrugated Cardboard

2 Bottle RSC Carton: 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″  x 16 7/8″ (Stores Flat)
25 / Bundle – Weight   15.24  lbs     900 / Pallet – Weight    548 lbs

4 Bottle RSC Carton:  12 3/4″ x 6 1/2″ x 16 7/8″ (Stores Flat)
25 / Bundle – Weight   22.25 lbs       600 / Pallet – Weight    534 lbs

6 Bottle RSC Carton: 19″ x 6 1/2″ x 16 7/8″ (Stores Flat)
30 / Bundle – Weight   43.2 lbs        350/ Pallet – Weight   504 lbs

12 Bottle RSC Carton: 19″ x 12 3/4″ x 16 7/8″ (Stores Flat)
30 / Bundle – Weight   67.2 lbs        180 / Pallet – Weight    371 lbs

Cartons meet maximum gross weight limits of 80 lbs

Estimated Shipping Weight of:

One 2 Bottle Wine Pak with Carton:         1.25 lbs
One 4 Bottle Wine Pak with Carton:         2.17 lbs
One 6 bottle Wine Pak with Carton:         3.37 lbs
One 12 bottle Wine Pak with Carton:       6.05 lbs

“The Gorilla Shipper Hexabox Wine Shipper and master cartons consumes 2/3 less warehouse space than is required for formed and Styrofoam products.  That means you can store 3 times more of our Hexabox wine boxes than you can with Styrofoam at less cost.  A full truck load also holds 3 times the amount of Hexabox wine boxes than it can with Styrofoam.  That also translates into a significant cost per case savings for you and your customers!”

(In Pounds)

INCLUDES Insert & Outer Carton







GSHBXC 2 2 Bottle Wine Pack

32 lbs

64 lbs

125 lbs

250 lbs

625 lbs

1250 lbs

GSHBXC 4 4 Bottle Wine Pack

54 1/4 lbs

108½ lbs

217 lbs

434 lbs


2170 lbs

GSHBXC 6 6 Bottle Wine Pack

84 1/4 lbs

168 1/2 lbs

337 lbs

674 lbs

1685 lbs

3370 lbs

GSHBXC 12 12 Bottle Wine Pack

151 1/4lbs

302 ½ lbs

605 lbs

1210 lbs

3025 lbs

6050 lbs

Wine Inserts Only







Each insert holds 2 Bottles of Wine
2 Bottle Wine INSERTS

161 lbs

321 lbs

642 lbs

2311 lbs

3210 lbs

6420 lbs

* Pallet Quantities and Weights may vary from one Distribution Facility to another.  Most pallets will average 48″ – 52″ in height.
Typical Pallet Sizes:     Inserts 40″ x 48″         2-Bottle Cartons 40″ x 40″           4-Bottle Cartons 44″ x 44″
6-Bottle Cartons 50 1/2” x 50 1/2“     12-Bottle Cartons  32″ x 62″