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With Gorilla Shipper, you’ll never be confused about how to ship wine again. Our shipping boxes are designed with a step-by-step process to make storage and assembly simple and easy. Each box has push-in tabs, lock-in bottom floors, and push-in tops that lock into place. Depending on the shipper you purchase, you can easily view the folding instructions on our shipping blog or video library. With a Gorilla Shipper, you’ll save time packaging your products, and shipping is a breeze.

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At Gorilla Shipper, we’re constantly looking to provide relevant information and products to our clientele. We proudly serve clients in the wine, beer, spirit, olive oil, condiments, and non-alcoholic beverage industries. With our shippers, you can confidently ship bottles or cans and know that your products will arrive safely and in pristine condition. We’re here with you every step of the way with instructions on how to ship wine and keep it safe whenever you send an order.

Our patented Hexabox designs and our pulp inserts are tested and approved by the International Safe Transit Authority (ITSA). Each design went through a free fall test, compression test, and rotary vibration test to determine quality and durability. The ITSA passed our boxes with flying colors and certified our line of Gorilla Shippers for safe use. Because of our high quality principles, FedEx and UPS both consider our products the standard in the shipper industry. All products are made here in the USA, and we have a line of green products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you have any questions regarding how to ship wine, visit our video library or call us at (866) 447-4737 for further assistance.