Published rates are based on average past shipment rates per state. The published shipping rates differ by product type, state, & size of order. Actual shipping charges may be less or more than published rates Gorilla Packaging Co. LLC will not charge more than the published rate unless supplemental services applied. Supplemental charges will apply to special delivery needs determined by you or the carrier to include, Limited Access, Lift Gate at Delivery, Residential Delivery as shown below and will be billed to you. If shipping charges fail to appear at checkout, they will be billed at a later date.


The additional fees charged go directly to the carrier and represent what carriers charge Gorilla Packaging Co. LLC on average.

Type of Address:

Customer must choose if they have a Residential or Commercial address when placing an order.

  • Residential Delivery: If an LTL carrier has to travel into a residential area to deliver freight (whether it is a home address or a business) a residential delivery charge will apply. This is because of the complex nature and extra time needed to navigate a truck through a residential zone. $70 fee.
  • Commercial Delivery: no additional fees.

How do you accept a large pallet delivery?

Customer must choose from the following list when placing an order.

  • We have a forklift: No additional fees.
  • We will assist with unloading: No additional fees.
  • No Forklift, Truck needs a liftgate: $70 fee
    • Lift gates enable carriers to lift and lower shipments from the truck to the ground. This fee applies when a shipper does not have the means to load or unload the freight using a dock or forklift.
  • Inside Delivery: $50 fee
    • Inside delivery is a fee for having a carrier deliver a shipment that goes beyond the tailgate of the trailer utilized.


Gorilla Shipper makes every attempt to ship all orders by the most reliable & cost-effective means available.  Once orders are shipped by the Company, the Company is not liable for any delays experienced in delivery. Any additional or supplemental charges incurred in the process of delivering your order above basic freight door to door delivery or charges illustrated in the shopping cart remain the responsibility of the purchaser. 

Liability for Damage in Shipment: Gorilla Shipper is not responsible for damage to product during shipping. Gorilla Shipper and Customer will rely solely on claims against the freight shipper and/or any insurance issued for product damage.

FOAM PRODUCTS: Please review Terms and Conditions for other references to Foam Product shipments. We do not accept returns on Foam Products due to the nature of the Foam Products. We accept no liability for any damage sustained in the delivery of Foam Products. Any claims for damage to Foam Products during shipping are solely to the carrier and any applicable insurance.

By placement of your online order, you acknowledge and agree to be responsible for all shipping costs including shipping/freight cost adjustments which occur as stated above and authorize Gorilla Shipper to make such adjustments to your transaction, including special services surcharges as indicated above including shipping charges which do not appear on the order form.