Wineries buy our wine shipping products because we make wine shipping easy, affordable, and friendly to the environment.


Wine Industry’s BEST Price Value | Wine Shipping Boxes

Benefits Of Gorilla Shipper Products

ISTA Certified
100% Recyclable
Performance Tested
Saves You Money
Safe and Light weight
Speedy Delivery
Takes up Very Little Space

We love the product, our customers love the product because it’s biodegradable, and we think your customers will love it too.

– Karen Troisi


All of our wine shipping boxes are extremely tough. Built to take a serious beating during shipping.
You will get the newest Kraft wine shipper on the market that has passed the most stringent testing procedures conducted by the International Safe Transit Association Certified Laboratory (ISTA).
These wine shippers contain a unique locking mechanism with buffer space and cushion to allow maximum safety in the event of sudden impact! Bottom Line…under normal handling THEY DON’T BREAK


Striving to keep standards of your wine shipper ahead of those given by the ISTA allows us to get your wine shippers to you safe and efficiently.
Our distribution centers are located in Virginia, Illinois, and California ensuring a speedy delivery to you. Boxes are shipped flat which save you space and money!
Your Easy to Assemble, Safe & Light weight cardboard wine shipping boxes require much less storage space and stronger and Less Expensive than Styrofoam and other formed products.


All of our Wine Shippers are 100% reusable and recyclable providing you with An Environmentally Safe Way to Ship Wine.