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Packaging for Glass Bottles and Jars

At Gorilla Shipper, we specialize in providing durable packaging products for glass containers. We are America’s #1 choice for wine and spirits shippers, but we do much more than ship beer and wine. Our patented packaging solutions can be used to ship soy sauce, vinegar, kombucha, cocktails, olive oil, and any other product in glass containers. Whether you’re running a small business or a large operation, Gorilla Shipper has a shipping solution for you!

Two wine bottles next to cardboard packaging

Packaging for Glass Bottles

We all know shipping glass bottles can be a challenge. With low-quality packaging materials, bottles can easily break during transportation. Gorilla Shipper’s Hexabox™ and pulp shippers are ISTA 6-FEDEX-A TEST certified, ensuring your products are delivered in pristine condition. Take advantage of our bulk discounts to save!

Rows of glass jars

Packaging for Glass Jars

Gorilla Shipper kits offer the perfect solution for transporting glass jars. Our kits include everything you need to safely transport your products and protect them from bumps and bruises during transit. So whether you’re shipping your famous jam, sauce, or mayo, you can be sure that they will arrive at their destination intact.

A liquor bottle lying flat

Packaging for Odd Containers

Weird-shaped bottle? We got you! Along with shipping standard-shaped bottles, our shippers can also be used to transport odd-shaped containers. Whether you want to ship a flat whiskey flask bottle, a glug jug filled with soy sauce, or a unique ornament, we’ll work with you to find the ideal packaging solution for any container.

Ship Your Glass Containers With Gorilla Shipper

At Gorilla Shipper, we make our packaging for glass bottles and jars right here in the USA and pride ourselves on using sustainable materials. All our packaging is ISTA 6-FEDEX-A TEST certified, meaning your products are in safe hands with us. We also offer very competitive wholesale pricing and no hidden fees. So, look no further than Gorilla Shipper if you want premium packaging for your glass jars, bottles, or odd containers. We know it’s a jungle out there, and we’re here to help! Contact us if you have any questions.