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Large Format Foam Shippers

When shipping wine and other glass bottles, you will always face the risk of broken bottles. To reduce the risk of your product arriving in an unacceptable condition, you need to provide the safest packaging possible to ensure your customers receive their orders in the condition they expect. With Gorilla large format styrofoam shippers, you can feel confident that you are using styrofoam wine bottle packaging designed to keep your items safe. We use materials that provide the level of protection you’ve come to expect as a consumer or business owner.

Our shipper kits are durable, reliable, and can withstand extreme temperatures in any environment. Since 2009, every shipper box kit in our inventory has passed International Safety Transit Association testing procedures and is certified and approved by FedEx and UPS. Your primary goal is for your shipment to arrive without any damage or breakage, and Gorilla Shipper has the shipper box kits you need.


  • Pricing includes outer wine shipping box and foam inserts.
  • Large Format 3-liter, 6-liter, and 9-liter kits available.

Large Format Foam Shippers

  • FL13L

    3-Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    5.5" diameter and 5.5" high


    $29.00 - $29.00 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    - +
    5+ Boxes ($29.00/per box)
  • FL16L

    6-Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    9.5" diameter and 9.5" high


    $36.00 - $36.00 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    - +
    5+ Boxes ($36.00/per box)
  • FL19L

    9-Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    10" diameter and 10" high


    $76.00 - $76.00 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    - +
    5+ Boxes ($76.00/per box)

The insulation and extra cushion that these Large Format Styrofoam Shippers provide make them the perfect option when shipping wine and champagne bottles of huge proportions. In particular, they are suited for Jeroboam (equivalent to 6 standard wine bottles), Methuselah (8 standard wine bottles), and Salmanazar (12 standard wine bottles) bottles.

Our shipping kits are pre-assembled to help you package and ship products more efficiently. Each shipper kit is made here in the USA, and we ship to any location in the continental United States. Local shipping companies will deliver your products to your customers, and we negotiate to get you the best shipping rates possible. Contact us or call (714) 622-7148 for more information.

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