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8 Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit
8 Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit

8-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit


Our Hexabox bottle shippers offer a safe and secure way to ship wine, beer, and other 12oz glass bottle products. This 8-Pack Hexabox Shipper Kit includes two bottle inserts and one corrugated shipping box. It’s perfect for protecting glass bottles during transit, ensuring your products are delivered in pristine condition every time.

  • Container Product Fits: 375 ml or 12 oz
  • Number of Containers: 8
  • Fulfillment City: Indianapolis, IN

Sold in Units of 15



$6.80 - $7.45 per unit

15+ Boxes ($7.45/per box)
90+ Boxes ($7.15/per box)
400+ Boxes ($6.80/per box)
  • SKU: HSM108
  • Categories: , ,
  • Size: Small Bottle
  • Number of Inserts (per Carton): 2
  • Number of Containers: 8
  • Insert SKU: HSM204
  • Container Product Fits: 375 ml or 12 oz
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 1/4
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 2 3/4
  • Minimum Height of Container: 7 1/2
  • Maximum Height of Container: 9 1/2
  • Weight Each: 1.94 lb
  • Assembled Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 10.3/4" x 23 1/2"
  • Step Order Quantity Breaks: 15
  • Fulfillment City: Indianapolis, IN
  • The product fits the highlighted container volume(s)
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble
  • UPS & FedEx Approved & ISTA Certified
  • E-Commerce Approved


Sturdy Bottle Shippers for Maximum Protection

For high-quality and durable 375ml wine bottle shippers, look no further than Gorilla Shipper. Our 8-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit is the perfect solution for 12 oz glass bottles. They’re the most innovative bottle shippers in the industry, and you can only purchase them from us. We own the patent, and UPS and FedEx regard our design as the industry standard.

For extra protection from extreme temperatures, we offer molded pulp shippers and foam shippers to safeguard the integrity of your products. So, whatever your shipping needs, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect solution when you purchase from Gorilla Shipper.

  • The ISTA has certified our Hexabox design for resistance against shocks and compressions, ensuring your items remain damage-free during shipping.
  • Inserts and cartons lie flat, helping you save on storage space and transportation costs.
  • Our bottle shippers are perfect for businesses that need to ship efficiently. They’re easy to assemble and use 60% less storage space than foam shipping containers.
  • Hexabox design ensures fragile items stay safe and come with single or double-wall corrugated outer shipping containers.
  • SKU: HSM108
  • Category:
  • Size: Small Bottle
  • Number of Inserts (per Carton): 2
  • Number of Containers: 8
  • Insert SKU: HSM204
  • Container Product Fits:
    • 375 ml or
    • 12 oz or
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 1/4
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 2 3/4
  • Minimum Height of Container: 7 1/2
  • Maximum Height of Container: 9 1/2

Fulfillment Locations

Hexabox Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, Tennessee
Pulp Shippers: Reno, Nevada; Indianapolis, Indiana
Foam Shippers: Fairfield, California

Please note:
Foam, Magnum Pulp & XL Pulp Shippers  are only available to ship from California.
Higher shipping charges may apply when shipping longer distances.
Foam shippers are more expensive to ship than Hexabox & Pulp Shippers due to higher freight class.

Shop 375ml Wine Bottle Shippers and More

Gorilla Shipper is committed to providing innovative, sustainable, green products, and we’ll continue to make them right here in the USA. Our Hexabox bottle shippers are the eco-friendly way to ship 12 oz glass bottles of wine, beer, and more. We use recyclable materials that are strong and durable to protect the environment for generations to come.

Plus, our Hexabox design is stackable and lays flat, so you can save space when storing it. And because our bottle shippers are American-made, you can be confident that you’re supporting American jobs and businesses. So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your environmental impact, Gorilla Shipper is the way to go. Shop now and save when you buy in bulk!


What types of products does Gorilla Shipper offer?

Besides our Hexabox Shippers, we offer Molded Pulp and Foam Shippers. Whether you need high-quality packaging for bottles, cans, or jars, you can find a solution in our inventory.

Can I customize these shipping kits with branding elements?

Yes. We offer custom printing services to personalize your 375ml wine bottle shippers. You can add your logo or unique messaging in one to four colors to create a branded and customized look for your packaging.

Is the 8-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit suitable for wine?

This kit is designed to accommodate 12 oz. glass bottles. You can use it to ship any 375ml bottle, be it wine, beer, or any other product with the same size and dimensions.

Where does Gorilla Shipper ship from?

We ship these bottle shippers from our fulfillment center in Memphis, TN, ensuring efficient distribution across the United States.

Do Gorilla Shipper products have any certifications?

Yes. All our shipper kits are ISTA 6-FEDEX-A test certified and approved. They have passed rigorous compression, vibration, and free-fall drop tests, meeting and exceeding the highest safety standards in the packaging industry.

Do these 375ml wine bottle shippers meet UPS and FedEx packaging requirements?

Yes, all our shipper kits are UPS and FedEx-approved. The leading courier services recommend our packaging solutions for shipping fragile products.

What unique features do Gorilla Shipper products have?

Our Hexabox bottle shippers have a patented design and are made from biodegradable materials. They are easy to assemble and lay flat, taking up minimal storage space.

What is your policy on shipping rates?

We base costs on live quotes from various carriers, allowing customers to choose their preferred option at checkout. Rates vary depending on product type, distance, and order size.

Are there additional fees for special delivery services?

Yes. Additional fees may apply for residential or liftgate at delivery. Check with your carrier for specifics.

What options are available for large pallet deliveries?

For large orders, customers can indicate whether they have a forklift, will assist with unloading, or require a liftgate. Inside delivery is also available for an additional fee.

What is Gorilla Shipper’s stance on product damage during shipping?

While we strive to ensure high-quality bottle shippers, transit issues are beyond our control. Customers should direct claims to the freight shipper or insurance provider.

Does Gorilla Shipper accept returns on these 375ml wine bottle shippers?

We accept returns on most products except for Foam Shippers due to their nature. Returns must be authorized and may be subject to restocking fees.

How can I cancel or change my order with Gorilla Shipper?

To cancel or change an order, contact us immediately before it ships. Changes or cancellations after shipping or staging are not permitted.

Are there fees for returning authorized orders?

Authorized returns may incur a 15% restocking fee and shipping charges unless the return is due to an error on our part or a product defect.

How should I report defective bottle shippers?

To report defective orders, shortages, or damages (excluding Foam products), please email or call us within five days of receiving your order. Authorized returns must be approved before we can process your request and issue replacements or refunds accordingly.

What resources does Gorilla Shipper provide for product assembly and use?

We offer tutorials, folding instructions, and comprehensive FAQs on our website to assist with product assembly and best practices for use.