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4-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit


4-Bottle Wine Shipper

For superior results, try out Gorilla Shipper’s 4-bottle wine shipper kit. This perfect little package is just the right size for four 375 ml size bottles of wine, beer, spirits, soy sauce, olive oil, condiments, and much more. Our Hexabox kit includes one bottle insert and one corrugated beer shipping box carton ⏤ everything you need to get your small bottles safely and securely to their destination.

  • Container Product Fits: 375 ml or 12 oz
  • Number of Containers: 4
  • Fulfillment City: Indianapolis, IN

Sold in Units of 15



$3.82 - $4.29 per unit

15+ Boxes ($4.29/per box)
90+ Boxes ($4.09/per box)
480+ Boxes ($3.82/per box)
  • SKU: HSM104
  • Categories: , ,
  • Size: Small Bottle
  • Number of Inserts (per Carton): 1
  • Number of Containers: 4
  • Insert SKU: HSM204
  • Container Product Fits: 375 ml or 12 oz
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 1/4
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 2 3/4
  • Minimum Height of Container: 7 1/2
  • Maximum Height of Container: 9 1/2
  • Weight Each: 1.37 lb
  • Assembled Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 5 3/8" x 23 1/2"
  • Step Order Quantity Breaks: 15
  • Fulfillment City: Indianapolis, IN
  • The product fits the highlighted container volume(s)
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble
  • UPS & FedEx Approved & ISTA Certified
  • E-Commerce Approved


Perfect for 375 ml Size Bottles

Gorilla Shipper has taken the wine shipping industry to a new level with our patented Hexabox shipper kits. You won’t find a 4-bottle wine shipper that can provide anywhere near the level of protection we can for your 375 ml size bottles. These shippers are the ultimate in shipping boxes and are biodegradable and sustainable.

In addition to these innovative kits, we also have molded pulp and foam shipper kits that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. With our selection of packaging solutions, we’re confident we’ll not only meet your shipping needs but exceed them and keep you coming back for more.

  • Lay flat inserts and cartons maximize storage potential and reduce transportation costs.
  • Gorilla Shipper’s revolutionary Hexabox shippers take up 60% less storage space than traditional foam ones.
  • Shipper kits come with durable single or double-wall containers, so you can be sure your items will stay safe.
  • The ISTA has certified our unique Hexabox design for durability, passing all its rigorous shock and compression tests with flying colors.
  • SKU: HSM104
  • Category:
  • Size: Small Bottle
  • Number of Inserts (per Carton): 1
  • Number of Containers: 4
  • Insert SKU: HSM204
  • Container Product Fits:
    • 375 ml or
    • 12 oz or
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 1/4
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 2 3/4
  • Minimum Height of Container: 7 1/2
  • Maximum Height of Container: 9 1/2

Fulfillment Locations

Hexabox Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, Tennessee
Pulp Shippers: Reno, Nevada; Indianapolis, Indiana
Foam Shippers: Fairfield, California

Please note:
Foam, Magnum Pulp & XL Pulp Shippers  are only available to ship from California.
Higher shipping charges may apply when shipping longer distances.
Foam shippers are more expensive to ship than Hexabox & Pulp Shippers due to higher freight class.

The #1 Corrugated Shipper

Gorilla Shipper is the clear leader when you need to ship beer, wine, spirits, and other glass bottles. Our patented Hexabox design protects your items during transit while reducing the amount of packaging material needed. And because we use recycled cardboard, our shipping solutions are eco-friendly while providing superior protection.

Our 4-bottle wine shippers are a perfect way to transport 375 ml size bottles safely and securely. Whether you’re a winery searching for a sustainable shipping solution or a consumer looking for the safest way to ship your favorite beverages to friends or family, Gorilla Shipper has the perfect solution. Contact us or call 866-447-4737 now for more information.



What size bottles can I ship with this kit?

This 4-bottle wine shipper fits 375ml or 12 oz glass bottles perfectly. Its innovative construction provides a snug fit, prevents collisions and shifts, and minimizes the risk of breakage.

Is the 4-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit safe for shipping wine?

Certainly! The 4-bottle wine shipper is test-approved for shipping fragile items. Its patented Hexabox design provides industry-leading protection and stability, ensuring your valuable wine bottles arrive at their destination intact.

Can I ship products other than wine with this packaging?

Yes. This shipper kit is ideal for any product packaged in 375 ml or 12 oz glass bottles. You can use it to ship wine, beer, spirits, condiments, and more with peace of mind. The patented design prevents movement and absorbs impact, protecting products from damage.

What is included in the 4-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit?

This Hexabox shipper kit includes one corrugated cardboard insert and an outer carton. Its double-walled construction offers excellent strength and protection for glass bottles, ensuring they arrive at their destination in one piece.

Does Gorilla Shipper offer discounts?

Yes. Gorilla Shipper offers attractive discounts for bulk orders. The pricing tiers for these discounts may vary based on the specific product and the quantity ordered.

What other packaging solutions do you offer?

In addition to Hexabox, we offer pulp and foam shippers. Each option caters to different shipping needs and requirements, providing diverse choices for your packaging needs.

Do you take additional fees for residential delivery?

For residential delivery, an additional fee of $55 will apply. This fee accounts for the complexities trucks encounter when navigating through residential zones to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Where do you ship from?

We ship our 4-bottle wine shipper kits from Indianapolis, IN. This strategically chosen fulfillment city ensures efficient shipping operation, allowing customers to receive their orders promptly and reliably.

Do UPS or FedEx accept Hexabox kits?

Yes. This 4-Pack Small Bottle Hexabox Shipper Kit is highly recommended by UPS and FedEx. It is ISTA 6-FEDEX-A test certified, meaning it meets the highest safety standards in the packaging industry.

Can this 4-bottle wine shipper be customized with branding or logos?

Yes, we offer the option to print business logos and slogans on your packaging. Contact us to discuss how we can cooperate to help you achieve your branding objectives.

Are Hexabox shipper kits environmentally friendly?

Yes. Our Hexabox line is made from recycled content and is 100% biodegradable. It fully decomposes within a year, helping reduce waste buildup in landfills.

How much weight can this 4-bottle wine shipper hold without breaking?

This shipper is designed to hold four 375 ml or 12 oz glass bottles. If you need to ship heavier bottles or more items, browse our Hexabox selection to find the ideal packaging solution for your needs.

Can this shipper kit withstand extreme temperatures?

No. Corrugated cardboard cannot regulate exterior temperatures. Extreme heat or frigid temperatures will require insulative measures. Our Hexabox line is designed to protect products from impact. If you need packaging with insulative properties, check out our foam shippers.