Styrofoam Wine Shippers for the Win

Our styrofoam wine shippers will keep your glass bottles safe from any possible breakage or damage. Nothing is more frustrating than cracking a bottle inside its container. With our styrofoam wine box, you won’t have to worry about that any longer. These styrofoam wine shippers provide additional protection against the elements, such as extreme heat or cold, through insulation. Gorilla shippers are available in multiple sizes, ranging from standard size wine bottles to magnum and large format glass bottles. These simple, secure, and reliable foam shippers are lightweight, durable, UPS- and FedEx-approved, and ISTA-Certified. For all your shipping needs, Gorilla Shipper has you covered. 

Rated a Top-Seller

This tried-and-true product still maintains its integrity in the shipping industry. 

  • Pricing includes outer wine shipping box and styrofoam Inserts
  • XL fits max bottle size 3 7/8″ x 14 1/4″
  • XL sizes will accommodate standard 750ml sizes
  • Magnum wine shipper sizes are available
  • Large Format (3, 6, & 9 Liter) sizes available

Foam Shippers

  • FL13L

    3 Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    5.5" diameter and 5.5" high

    $27.14 - $27.14 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    5+ Boxes ($27.14/per box)
  • FL16L

    6 Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    9.5" diameter and 9.5" high

    $33.54 - $33.54 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    5+ Boxes ($33.54/per box)
  • FL19L

    9 Liter Foam Shipper Kit

    10" diameter and 10" high

    $63.90 - $63.90 per unit


    Sold in Units of 5

    5+ Boxes ($63.90/per box)

Gorilla Shipper has been the #1 online choice for wine and spirits shippers for more than a decade. We provide you with durable and reliable shipping options for glass bottles. Anything from wine and spirits, to olive oil and jam jars can be safely stored and transported with Gorilla Shipper. Besides our styrofoam wine shippers, we carry sustainable green shipping materials that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

Our shippers and boxes are as sturdy as they come. They have been meticulously tested by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) and approved by both FedEx and UPS. Experience their lightweight design and ease of use, while still maintaining their maximum strength.

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