5 Ways to Practice Eco-Friendly Shipping

It is no secret that the shipping process can harm the environment. From the emissions created by trucks and planes to the Styrofoam peanuts used to pack products, there are a lot of ways that shipping can damage our planet.

As consumers become more eco-conscious, the demand for eco-friendly shipping methods is increasing. To improve brand perception, businesses should use environmentally friendly packaging materials when they ship products. Use these five tips to protect the planet and boost your business reputation.

#1 – Avoid Using One-Use Plastic

One-use plastic packaging is harmful, and you should avoid using it whenever possible. Plastics take a long time to biodegrade and often pollute our oceans and waterways. This pollution can have devastating effects on marine life and ecosystems. Vendors should make a concerted effort to phase out plastic packaging and adopt eco-friendly alternatives like paper or cardboard.

Businesses can reap many benefits by avoiding one-use plastic packaging. For starters, using environmentally friendly packaging materials reduces your carbon footprint. Additionally, utilizing recyclable materials can save you money on shipping costs and help you avoid penalties from environmental regulators. Moreover, eco-friendly shipping practices improve your image among consumers and investors. Ditching this type of packaging can help you grow your business.

#2 – Choose Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

Storage facility with eco-friendly shipping boxes

Environmentally-friendly packaging materials come in various forms, many of which are recycled or reusable. When choosing shipping materials, it is critical to consider the durability and weight of the material. Some eco-friendly shipping materials include:

  • Recycled paper: Recycled paper is an excellent choice because it is lightweight and durable. Cutting down new trees is not required, and paper is biodegradable. Disposal is easy, and it is recyclable. All these factors make recycled paper the perfect choice for eco-friendly shipping.
  • Reusable packaging: Reusable packaging works great because you can use them for years while reducing the amount of waste produced. Some types of reusable packaging include plastic crates and cloth bags. Plastic shipping crates are made from recycled plastic and work in many environments. They are durable and stackable, offering an efficient way to transport cargo. Cloth bags are sturdy, lightweight, and made from natural materials, making them a versatile option for shipping items of all sizes.
  • Corrugated cardboardCorrugated cardboard is durable and eco-friendly. It has two sheets of paperboard glued together and then folded into a three-dimensional shape. Corrugations, or wavy lines, are created by the folding process. This construction makes the cardboard strong, enabling it to withstand high pressure without bending. About 85% of all corrugated cardboard is recycled. So they are sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging materials ideal for heavy-duty usage.

#3 – Use Biodegradable Packing Peanuts and Other Fillers

Packaging materials and fillers account for a large percentage of landfill waste. Many materials, such as Styrofoam peanuts, take centuries to decompose. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they can also lead to landfill build-up and increased pollution levels.

One way to reduce the environmental impact of packaging is to use biodegradable fillers. These fillers break down naturally in the environment, meaning landfill build-up is not a concern. Biodegradable packing peanuts are a great option. Since they are made from cornstarch and can be composted or dissolved in water, they will not release harmful pollutants into the air or water.

Biodegradable fillers are available in many forms on the market, including biodegradable packing peanuts, paper packing pellets, cornstarch packing beads, newspaper, shredded paper, and bubble wrap made from recycled materials. All these eco-friendly shipping options help protect the environment to preserve our vital resources.

#4 – Ship Products in Bulk When Possible

When shipping products, it is important to be eco-friendly and consider the environmental impact of your actions. One way to do this is by shipping products in bulk when possible. Bulk shipping means sending products in larger quantities rather than small ones.

There are quite a few benefits that make it worthwhile to ship in bulk. First, it reduces the amount of packaging needed, which is very impactful because the packaging is the primary contributor to environmental pollution. Second, it decreases the number of trips trucks make to deliver products. This helps reduce truck emissions, which can contribute to climate change.

Shipping products in bulk also saves money. It takes less time and fuel to transport large shipments of products than a small load. Over long distances, the impact can be significant. Ultimately, shipping products in bulk with environmentally friendly packaging materials help reduce environmental impact and save money. Companies looking to be more eco-friendly should seriously consider bulk shipping.

#5 – Educate Customers About Eco-Friendly Shipping Practices

A delivery man transporting cardboard boxes

Another great way to implement eco-friendly shipping is to educate your customers. After all, they are the ones who ultimately decide whether or not to choose environmentally friendly packaging materials. You can use several different methods to inform customers about green shipping practices. Some businesses include information on their website, while others provide educational materials with their orders.

Whatever method you choose, be sure the information is easy to understand and relevant to your customers. You may also consider highlighting benefits such as reduced environmental impact and cost savings. By providing tips and educating customers, you can help them make better-informed decisions about how they ship their products. And in turn, this can help reduce the environmental impact of shipping worldwide.

Many companies are now requesting that their customers reuse packaging materials. Multiple-use materials are a great way to help reduce the amount of waste produced and can help to save money on shipping costs.

Go Green With Gorilla Shipper

As you can see, going green is not only the right thing to do. It will save you a significant amount of money too! Eco-friendly shipping and environmentally friendly packaging materials are two great ways to reduce your environmental impact while increasing your profits.

In this blog post, we’ve outlined some of the best shipping and packaging practices that will help you protect our planet. If you need sustainable packaging materials to ship cans or bottled products, look no further than Gorilla Shipper. Shop our recyclable Hexabox and pulp packaging solutions to practice eco-friendly shipping and take your business to the next level.