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8/12 Pack Can Hexabox Carton


12-Pack Beer Can Box

At Gorilla Shipper, we know your customers expect to receive their orders in perfect condition. So we only use the highest quality materials to make our 8/12-pack beer can box. Our boxes for beer cans are made from corrugated cardboard to protect twelve 12-ounce cans or eight 16-ounce cans from impact, vibration, and damage caused by rough shipping conditions.  

  • Container Product Fits: 12 oz. or 16 oz.
  • Number of Containers: 8 or 12
  • Fulfillment City: Memphis, TN

Sold in Units of 15

- +


$3.33 - $3.59 per unit

15+ Boxes ($3.59/per box)
90+ Boxes ($3.45/per box)
480+ Boxes ($3.33/per box)
  • SKU: HC312
  • Category:
  • Size: Can
  • Number of Containers: 8 or 12
  • Container Product Fits: 16 oz or 12 oz
  • Minimum Diameter of Container: 2 3/25"
  • Maximum Diameter of Container: 2 1/4"
  • Minimum Height of Container: 4 3/4"
  • Maximum Height of Container: 7 1/4"
  • Weight Each: 1.11 lb
  • Assembled Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 6" x 19 1/2"
  • Step Order Quantity Breaks: 15
  • Flat Dimensions: 17 5/16" x 25 1/4" x 9/16"
  • Fulfillment City: Memphis, TN
  • The product fits the highlighted container volume(s)
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble
  • UPS & FedEx Approved & ISTA Certified
  • E-Commerce Approved

Innovative Boxes for Beer Cans

Consumers and businesses from all over the country appreciate our durable and eco-friendly 8/12 pack beer can boxes. Our patented boxes for beer cans are versatile and can be used to ship many items, including cocktails, coffee drinks, condiments, and many other products. 

The box’s industrial-grade corrugated cardboard can easily hold eight 16-ounce containers without tearing or falling apart during transport. Shocks and vibrations are absorbed by the box’s patented design to protect your products from damage. These are the qualities you need when shipping valuable cargo.

Gorilla Tough Since 2009

Since 2009, Gorilla Shipper has been committed to providing our customers with the best possible shipping experience. We are proud to offer an 8/12-pack beer can box made in the USA, ensuring that your products arrive on time and with lower shipping costs. 

Our customer service is second to none. We keep up with all the shipping trends to ensure you’re well-informed and get the best possible shipping rates. In addition, you can save more when you buy in bulk. Shop Gorilla Shipper’s boxes for beer cans to protect your products and profits!

Fulfillment Locations

Hexaxbox Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, Tennessee; Syracuse, New York
Pulp Shippers: Reno (Sparks), Nevada; Memphis, Tennessee; Syracuse, New York
Foam Shippers: Vacaville California

Please note:
Foam, Magnum Pulp & XL Pulp Shippers  are only available to ship from California.
Higher shipping charges may apply when shipping longer distances.
Foam shippers are more expensive to ship than Hexabox & Pulp Shippers due to higher freight class.

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