Our Kraft Wine Shippers are ISTA -3A Certified & APPROVED
GORILLA SHIPPER HEXABOX WINE SHIPPERS! “The Safest Way to Ship Your Wine to Your Customers Table”
Our Gorilla Shipper Kraft Wine Shippers are ISTA -3A Certified & APPROVED.  The International Safe Transit Association Certified Laboratory (ISTA) oversees and conducts stringent testing procedures for safe shippping.
The Gorilla Shipper TM Hexabox wine shipper has been tested in an approved ISTA certified independent lab who conducts such test to ensure that we provide consistent, reliable and safe packaging materials. This provides added assurance for your shipment.
The Gorilla Shipper Hexabox  2, 4, 6 & 12 bottle wine shippers have passed the required ISTA 3-A certifications.  Proof of such certifications are available by written request.

  • ·         Temperature and Environmental element exposure test
  • ·         Random Vibration and bounce test (over 14,000 bounces and shakes in 62 minutes)
  • ·         Standard “drop testing” on all critical components, sides and corners of the box.

The Gorilla Shipper is manufactured in the US to meet and exceed the ISTA 3A standards. UPS and FedEX recognize the industry wide ISTA 3A Certification testing for safe shipping.
ISTA, the International Safe Transit Association, has a fact sheet detailing all requirements and testing procedures at www.ista.org/forms/3Aoverview.pdf


 PULP Shippers

 ISTA 3A certification and testing applies only to our west coast pulp distributed shippers.  East Coast pulp shippers are extremely reliable and consistently perform up to quality shipping standards. The east coast pulp distribution center ships between 10,000 to 20,000 of the pulp shippers monthly.