Includes Outer Carton – 17″x 11 1/2″x 17 3/8″

Upright EPS shipper for standard or XL bottles

  • Kitted configuration includes single or double wall corrugated cartons
  • Standard fits max bottle size 3 1/2″ x 13″
  • XL fits max bottle size 3 7/8″ x 14 1/4″

Min Order – 4 units for 750 ml Foam. Minimum quantities vary for the Cool Paks. Orders of $565.00 or greater may qualify for Free Shipping in California. Free Shipping not available during sale promotions. Rates to ship FOAM from West Coast to East Coast and in general may be higher than shown on shopping cart. Coast to Coast transit may take 5-6 business days.

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Pricing for all FOAM shippers are shown below. You can place your order by choosing the different size shippers and quantities you need from the below chart without the fuss of going from page to page.

Free Shipping* for FOAM Shippers is available in CA and Reno NV and applies to orders of $565.00 or greater. All other states qualify for 50% discounted basic freight when enough margins exist. Must meet minimum order requirement to qualify for Free Shipper program. Free Shipping is limited to the first $110.00 of basic shipping charges for commercial deliveries only. Please review the Shipping Policy for Free Shipping order requirements to verify if they will apply to your order. Shipping rates for FOAM wine shipping cartons may be higher than shown on shopping cart. *Free Shipping is not available when purchasing during a sale promotion. All Foam wine packs ship from California. Please review the provisions found in the Terms and Conditions as they relate to Foam Products.

ORDERS OVER $565 qualify for FREE or Discounted Shipping*
*Free or Discounted Shipping is not available during sales promotions
*FREE SHIPPING – CA-*Subject to order size requirements. Please view shipping provisions below
All other states qualify for 50% Discounted Shipping. *FREE or Discounted Shipping is limited to the first $110 of delivery charges
Larger Volume Pricing Available for your needs

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Additional information


4+ Boxes, 8+ Boxes, 18+ Boxes, 36+ Boxes, 72+ Boxes, 144+ Boxes

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Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping in Central & Northern California, Reno, Nevada AND New York with a $595.00 purchase subject to below maximum. *Some outliers may be subject to a small $25.00/pallet shipping charges. Orders less than $595 are shipped via common carrier subject to freight charges. All other states are eligible for 50% discounted shipping up to a maximum savings of $110 in freight charges provided they meet the $595.00 minimum order requirement. Free or discounted shipping is not available during SALE PROMOTIONS.

Shipping Provisions which may apply:

Prices FOB California or New York plus freight for remaining states. *Freight calculator may not provide an accurate freight rate for pulp & foam orders due to the lighter weight of the pulp & foam product and in many instances may be higher than that shown (It was designed for higher density corrugated shippers) Shipping Cost may be higher or lower than that posted on the online calculator.

STANDARD SIZE pulp shippers are shipped from both California and New York facilities. One Bottle, Magnum, and all Universal Size XL shippers ship from California Only.


Adjustments to freight may occur based on carriers final charges for delivery. The freight calculator provides basic delivery cost estimates and does not include any necessary surcharges imposed by the carrier due to change in weight classifications, difficult delivery zone assessments, rural or residential delivery, advance notifications or lift gate at delivery requirements. Freight charges may be higher or lower than amount posted on freight calculator and reductions or needed adjustments may occur and be applied or credited to the credit card used for the purchase transaction. You will be refunded any excess freight charges incurred. Your order placement represents your agreement to stipulations as they pertain to incurred freight charges. NOTE: Occasionally the checkout process may fail to include appropriate shipping charges. Should that occur, we reserve the right to make the necessary adjustments on your transaction.

Ships from California Only
ITEM Bdl Size Dimensions Weight ITEM Bdl Size Dimensions Weight
GSTRK1 XL 1 5.25X5.25X 16″ 6.625 oz. GSTRK2 XL 1 5.25×10.25×16″ 10.625 oz.
4 21×14.5×16″ 1.7 lbs 4 21x11x16″ 2.7 lbs
8 21x11x16″ 3.4 lbs 8 21x21x16″ 6 lbs
12 21x16x16″ 5.1 lbs 12 21x31x16″ 8 lbs
24 21x21x16″ 6.8 lbs Pallet Size 54 33x31x48″ 36 lbs Plus
Pallet Size 48 32x33x32 14 lbs Plus
GSTRK3 XL 1 5.25×14.5×16″ 13.375 oz. GSTRK4 1 10.125x15x16″ 1.5375 lbs
4 21x15x16″ 3.4 lbs 4 21x21x16′ 4.5 LBS
8 21x29x16″ 6.8 lbs 8 21X21X32″ 9 LBS
Pallet Size 36 33x29x48 31 lbs PLus 12 21X21X48″ 14 LBS
24 42X42X48 28 LBS
Pallet Size 36 40x31x48″ 42 lbs Plus
GSTRK6 XL 1 10.125X15X16″ 1.5375 GSTRK12 XL 1 14.25×18.25×16″ 2.5 lbs
4 21X29X16″ 5.4 lbs 2 28x19x16″ 5 lbs
8 21x29x32″ 10.7 lbs 4 28x37x16″ 10 lbs
or 8 41x29x16″ 10.7 lbs 8 28x37x32″ 20 lbs
Pallet Size 18 31x29x47″ 25 lbs Plus 16 28x37x64″ 40 lbs
Pallet Size 36 37x43x95″ 90 lbs Plus
GSTCL-2 OUTER 1 14 1/2X 8 1/4 X19″ 1 LB GSTCL-4 OUTER 1 14 1/2X 16 1/4 X19″ 1lb 12 oz
FLAT 24 23″X31 1/2″ X 8″ 24 LBS FLAT 24 30 3/4 x 33 1/4 x 8″ 42 lbs
GSTCLF 2 FOAM 12 38″X43″X24″ 10.5 LBS GSTCLF 2 FOAM 12 38″X43″X24″ 10.5 LBS
GSTCL-6 OUTER 1 13 1/2X 17 1/4X 19″ 3 LBS 5 5/8 OZ GSTCL 12 OUTER 1 30 1/2X 18 1/2 X 19″ 6 LBS 2 3/8 OZ
FLAT 25 30 1/4X 32″X 10″ 40 LBS FLAT 25 30 1/2X36 1/2X 11″ 74 LBS
GSTCLF 6 FOAM 8 34X 43 X 38″ 14.125 LBS GSTCLF-12 FOAM 1 30 1/2X18 1/2 X 19″ 3 LBS 3 1/4 OZ
6 37″X48″X38″ 20 LBS