Are Gorilla Shipper wine shippers biodegradable?

Yes, they are all biodegradable.

Are Gorilla Shipper wine shippers easy to use?

Yes, each insert folds over to hold two wine bottles. Instructions are also imprinted on the back of every insert, plus we have a folding illustration video available on or website at www.

Are Gorilla Shipper wine shippers recyclable?


Are Gorilla Shipper wine shippers environmentally safe?

Yes, all of our wine shippers are recyclable and environmentally safe

Are your wine bottle shippers FedEX approved?

Yes, the Gorilla Shipper Hexabox Kraft Shippers are FedEx approved and have also passed the strict testing requirements of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 3 A testing

Are your wine bottle shippers UPS approved?

UPS recognizes the ISTA 3A Certification of glass bottle shippers when conducted in an approved laboratory setting. Our Gorilla Shipper Hexabox Kraft Shippers have been certified as such. The ISTA 3 A test is a stringent testing procedure which subjects the wine shipper to humidity, weight and bounce testing (over 14,000 vibrations). Our box has passed with flying colors.

Are your wine shipping products made in America?

Yes, all our wine shippers, are American made.

Can I ship a case of wine to my friend?

Someone who wishes to ship wine must obtain a wine import and export license. You can do that by contacting your state’s local office of Alcohol Beverage Control and fill out an application in person.

Can we imprint our logo on the wine shipping box?

Yes, but it is much easier done upfront during the actual production of the box where your print die plate can be used during the production process. If you wish to include your company’s logo on our aftermarket box (after production) we recommend using an attractive label to affix on the outside carton.

Is there an instructional Video on folding the Gorilla Shipper wine inserts?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, company and personal checks.